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Microfantasy Monday #61

The door that Andrea stood in front of was nondescript. It could’ve opened into anything—an apartment, a church, a school, or even a portal to another dimension. But Andrew knew what lay beyond the door. It was a week after she responded to the ad she found in the back of the city’s trendy metropolitan rag. Sexual Fantasy Fulfillment Service “We’re discreet” There was no business name, no address; just a phone number. Andrea’s hands shook a...

Microfantasy Monday #60

Week 60′s theme is Surprises. Stop by Sweltering Celt‘s to read others. His voice seems to surround me on all sides. I’ve become so attuned to His voice that I can gauge the slightest change in tone or inflection. His arousal is obvious. His voice has taken on that deep, thick tone and His earlier perfect pacing has slipped. He speaks words of objectification and degradation. My cunt is so wet the juices roll down my thighs and puddles onto...
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