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Guess who’s back, back again

If you guessed M, here’s a cookie. I woke up to offlines on Yahoo Messenger wherein he explained why he’d disappeared. There was a very good, personal reason for it. And I believe him. There was one thing in particular that he said once we started chatting that made me believe. I had said: but now i have to decide if i can believe you, what you said in your offlinesHis reply? *shrugs* you can believe it or not, I know what happened. That...

Deliberately distant

This month has been going, in some odd way, both fast and slow for me. The past week or so with T has gone by quick. A friend called yesterday because she hadn’t heard from me in a few days and I realized that’s because I’ve been off fucking or talking to T so often. Whoops. But it’s been going slow in the sense that it feels like the month should’ve been over weeks ago. In an earlier post I said I was giving M until the end...

I’ve been given something to talk about

in regards to sex with M. (Points to whoever figures out which song inspired the title.) He mentioned on Skype Thursday evening that he sometimes had the urge to control me. Unsurprisingly, that sent a zing through me. My eyes involuntarily closed and a warmth spread through my body. We didn’t play that night but I masturbated in bed later with that word urge repeating in my head and the implications behind it. He already dominated me once during...
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