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Cast of characters

T – Current cyber fuck buddy. We’ve been playing for over a week now.

M – A friend with benefits who up and disappeared on me I thought we had a good friendship and playmate thing going no matter how short lived it was, but now I’m thinking I was wrong., and who has now returned with a damn good excuse for leaving.

D – Former dom/owner. We were together nearly three years, I think. We had what I consider to be my first actual relationship and he was my first proper dom. We had lots of ups and downs and I broke it off a couple times before finally ending it completely last year.

Wanton – Friend of a few years (4, 5?). We had a knock-down drag-out fight a year or so ago that ended the friendship, but we reconnected and while things will never truly be the same, we’re friends again. He had been a playmate and I’d had a couple “phone threesomes” with him and his wife. Right now we’re just friends without benefits.

A – One of my closest and dearest friends, either online or off. Unfortunately, it’s a friendship based online. He lives far away in England. We’ve been friends for about seven years now. We hope to meet one day. We’ve been naughty on occasion, but our friendship is the most important thing.