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New stuff makes me happy (aka the bragging post)

I bought my first desktop PC back in 2006. We’d had a family comp for about 4-5 years before then, and I’d never had the money for my own. I’d started college that year and with my first loan refund I bought the computer I’m using right now. It’s an HP and fairly basic. I didn’t even get a DVD drive with it. I didn’t think I’d need one at the time. It’s served me fairly well since then. The monitor went out after a couple years and my brother gave me his when he bought himself a new one. And then recently that one stopped working altogether after weeks of it behaving badly. So, I bought this HP monitor a few weeks ago. It was on sale for $99, so I happily snapped one up. It’s a beauty.

OK, so I’ve got a brand new monitor and my PC has given me trouble over the past couple years and needs a serious upgrade. OK. Well, it gets worse. I start getting the “blue screen of death” quite often. And then sometimes it wouldn’t start. Sure, I might be able to fix it somehow, but the time for a new PC is now. So come early next week, I’ll be the proud owner of this (Trigger warning! This was bought from Wal-Mart, so if you hate them you probably won’t want to click the link) iBUYPOWER PC. My brother borrowed money from me at various times while he was unemployed, so when he got his first check from his new job yesterday he bought this for me. He’s the computer genius in the family, so I let him choose the comp for me. I’m not savvy enough to choose one for myself and I knew he would not steer me wrong.

Isn’t it a fucking beaut? The damn thing is going to be so fast I’m probably going to crap myself the first time I use it. I can’t wait! I’m sorting through things on this hard drive and my bookmarks (to be backed up) in order to be ready for when it arrives. I’m one happy motherfucker.

In other bragging about new stuff news: I ordered three Tenga Egg masturbators to go with my Feeldoe Violet. I’ve written about my urge to pack. I even did an HNT with my Mr. Limpy. I bought the Feeldoe a couple months ago and have used it twice. Jerking it off isn’t easy for me because the bulbed end keeps slipping out of me. Time to do more kegels? Anyway, I’ve long been jealous of some of the strokers/masturbators available for men. I’m interested in pocket pussies and similar masturbators. The toys I envy the most are the Cobra Libre, Fleshlights and Tenga items.

I’ve always loved the look of the Tenga Eggs, and I had a sudden urge to use up my affiliate money for some. I ordered the Spider, Wavy and Silky. While I realize that I won’t actually be able to feel the eggs on my Feeldoe, the idea still turns me on a great deal. Who knows, maybe I’ll get to feel something if I get the bulbed end of the Feeldoe moving just right as I stroke the shaft with the egg. Whatever happens it’ll be an interesting experiment.

I actually have more to say about packing in general, but I’m saving that for another post. I’m tired of typing and I think I’ve done enough bragging. heh

So, there you have it: the new stuff coming my way that makes me happy.

2 Responses to “New stuff makes me happy (aka the bragging post)”

  1. Amanda says:

    Nothing wrong with a little bragging babe. Glad you are getting showered with lots of fun stuff! Also on way to check out your HNT right now!

  2. Kristi says:

    Thanks, doll! :-)

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