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It has arrived!

My Rogue start ukulele came via UPS today. I wasn’t expecting it this early. I mean, I remember seeing that it was coming from somewhere in Missouri, I just didn’t notice it was coming from Kansas City of which Independence is like a suburb. I squeed and immediately started acting like a dork. Seeing it made me ridiculously happy. And you know what? It eased my depression. Could it be why the urge was so overwhelming, like my subconscious KNEW it would make me feel better? I don’t know. All I know is I’m beyond pleased. Want proof?

Yep, I’m goofy as fuck. :D I’ve been visually playing all of these songs that I want to learn. I’ve even been really silly and coming up with song titles of my own songs! To wit: “I’ll Be Your Dick,” “Haters Can Suck My Metaphorical Balls” & “It’s a Douchebag Cult.” It seems ridiculous and like I’m getting ahead of myself, but duuuuuudes–for the first time in a very long time I’m thinking and dreaming about the future, even if it’s centered around a little ukulele.

I’ve fiddled around with it a bit, but I’ve yet to even tune it. Unless a bout of impatience overtakes me, I think I’ll wait for the weekend to focus on it. If you remember from the picture in my post the other day, the ukulele came with that carrying bag, a pitch pipe and a booklet with tuning instructions and a couple simple songs. It cost just $30. My picks have shipped, but I don’t remember where they’re coming from (what? I was EXCITED), and I’m waiting on the book to ship. Yes, they’re all coming from different places; it just worked out that way. I’m not bummed, though. I’ve got the most important bit so it’s all good. :D

Right, I think that’s all for this post. Once again I’m going to leave you with a video of Amanda Fucking Palmer. This time she’s playing Radiohead’s Creep on the ukulele.

One Response to “It has arrived!”

  1. Ashly Star says:

    So, when do we get a video of you jamming out on that thing? Hmmmm? :D

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