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So I bought a ukulele

Yes, it’s true I have. That picture you see above? That’s the exact starter kit I just bought from I also bought a beginner’s book and some picks.

Why did I buy a ukulele? Well, it’s all due to Amanda Fucking Palmer. I know I’ve written before, somewhere, about being a huge fan of hers. She seduced me with her music before I knew she played the ukulele. Up until then, I never took the instrument seriously. My only exposure to it had been Tiny Tim (he creeped me out) and in stereotypical Hawaiian sight gags. So, yeah, I never had an interest in them. But then I started listening to and watching Amanda Palmer play the ukulele and I slowly began to marvel at the instrument. This turned into an overwhelming urge to learn how to play one and it has been itching at me for weeks, possibly months. So I broke down and did what the title of this post says.

I don’t know if I’m kidding myself about this or if it’s something I’ll actually learn to do. I’m not musically deficient–I used to play a bit of piano and keyboards when I was in my teens, and I was a clarinetist (first chair, no less) in band back in 5th grade. I also tried an acoustic guitar when I was around 14 or 15 and, if I remember correctly, I learned to play a song whose title escapes me now…something about a river. Anyway, this is something I was compelled to do and we shall see how this all turns out. I will most likely write about it here and if I get good enough I might even film myself playing. ;-)

And that’s my news for the day. One last thing. This is one of my favorite videos of Amanda Palmer and she’s playing the ukulele. And yes, she’s really covering Rihanna’s Umbrella song. I think it’s awesome. YMMV.

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