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Revenge is a dish best served…vibrating?

I’m conflicted in my feelings regarding Katsuni’s Revenge of the Sea rabbit vibrator. It’s not the worst rabbit vibe I’ve ever had, but it has some flaws I’ll get to in a bit. First off, I have to say that it’s the coolest sex toy I have ever seen. I love the pirate/nautical theme, the colors, the Kraken-like clit stimulator. It’s not your typical feminine looking toy and I love it for that. It’s also a big toy. It stands at nearly 10″ tall (only 5″ are insertable) and has a circumference of 5 1/2″. This toy is definitely not for someone who enjoys slim toys. And, well, I’m what you would call a size queen, so its girth is right up my, um, alley.

The design on the shaft features skulls, chains, and waves. All very pirate-y and nautical. This is broken up in the middle by internal strings of beads which are meant to stimulate the vaginal opening. The material surrounding this section is smooth with no texture and the transparent enough that the beads can be seen. The tip is curved, obviously for g-spot stim, and it has texture as well. The material is TPE and it’s squishy yet firm. There is a lot of very prominent texture on this vibe. A lot. And it’s not subtle. So if the thought of that makes you cringe, you’ll want to give this vibe a pass.

My experiences with rabbit style vibrators have always been a mixture of disappointment and frustration with some pleasure. I wish I could say that my experience with this vibe was different. I have a few issues with the Revenge of the Sea rabbit vibe.

Issue #1: The curved tip. It is not flexible, and combined with its girth and texture, I found it to be difficult and a bit painful to insert, even with lube. Unfortunately, it didn’t become easier with practice.

Issue #2: The rows of rotating beads do not provide much stimulation. Perhaps I’m just not that sensitive where the beads touch. One good thing about the beads is that they do not jam.

Issue #3: The shaft and clitoral stimulator do not work independently of each other. I much prefer to have the option of just using the shaft or the clit or both at the same time. Taking this option away annoys me.

The clit stimulator does a pretty darn good job of stimulating my clit. And despite what a pain in the ass the shaft is to insert, the curved tip hits my g-spot as intended and gives me toe-curling orgasms…when I can get past the frustration of insertion, that is. And not every use ends with an orgasm. So this creates a dilemma: Do I really want to go through the frustrating part in the hopes of having a tremendous g-spot orgasm that doesn’t happen every time? Considering I have plenty other g-spot toys that don’t cause me grief the answer is: not really. I rarely reach for this vibe.

The vibrations, powered by four AAA batteries (not included), are fairly strong and can be heard through covers and maybe a closed door. They can be felt all throughout the shaft, head and the sea creature clit stimulator. This vibe is splash-proof, not waterproof. This means you can get away with using it in the shower, but submerging it in water is a bad idea. Cleaning is simple: warm water and antibacterial soap will work as will a toy cleaner. You cannot boil this vibe or put it in the dishwasher.

The functions are controlled via three easy-to-push buttons. The middle button is the on/off, the one on the left controls the Kraken and the one on the right controls the shaft. Both the shaft and the clit part have a variety of vibrational patterns and speeds, so you’re not likely to be bored.

Oh, and one last thing to note: A satin bag is included for storage. It’s pink on the inside and black on the outside. I’m a fan of toys that come with bags for storage instead of bulky packages, so I thought this was a nice touch.

There is nothing wrong with this toy from a functional or aesthetic point of view, it just doesn’t work for me as well as I would like it to. If it didn’t work so well on my g-spot, I would’ve given it only one or two stars instead of three. But for all of the issues I had with it, I could not discount the orgasms it did give me. So three stars it is.

Thanks to EdenFantasys for letting me review this vibe and thank you for reading. Want to give the Revenge of the Sea rabbit vibrator a shot at pleasuring you? Then click the little widget below:

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G-spot and clitoral vibrator by Digital Playground
Material: Plastic / TPE

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