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Pain & things

Something went wrong with my back and right leg the Friday before last. I was sat at my desk working with maybe 3 hrs left of work, when all of a sudden my lower back started killing me. More than once I was tempted to beg off from finishing work, but I never did. The next day I went grocery shopping at our huge Wal-Mart SuperCenter and that nearly did me in. I was in so much pain. I’ve been in this pain at varying degrees ever since. I don’t know what the cause is, but I’ve had a few theories.

The main theory is it’s my sciatic nerve giving me trouble, and that’s usually caused by a slipped disc. What could’ve caused a disc to slip, I don’t know. Given the location of the pain I’m inclined to believe it’s my sciatic nerve. I present no other symptoms, just pain. Lots and lots of pain. I haven’t seen a doctor because I can’t afford to. Now, if the pain become completely debilitating and/or I bear other symptoms, then I will go to an ER. Until then, I’m gonna have to suffer through.

Today, in addition to my back and right flank pain, I have familiar abdominal pain. I’ve experienced it before, but I don’t know what it is or the cause. I think it might be an UTI. The pain usually goes away within a few hours to a day. During this time I drink plenty of water and/or cranberry juice. I’m finishing my first glass of juice as I type this. This all results in my being tired in being in pain.

In happier news, M will be back from his vacation this week. When exactly, I don’t know. I’m not worried about it. I’ll see him when I see him, and I’ll be so happy when I do. T has gone on a mini vacation himself and will be back tomorrow.

Work is still going well. I really have no complaints. I’m happily swimming along.

I’ve quit smoking again and trying to force my brother to do the same. I didn’t quit out of health concerns, but monetary ones. We simply can’t afford to buy cigarettes. Just earlier when I went out to buy my juice, my brother handed me a $5 bill and told me to get a pack of Camels. I refused and handed it back. He kept insisting as I walked to the door. He thought he’d get me by saying he’d go out and get a pack when I returned, so I might as well buy them now, but I called his bluff. He didn’t like that much. Boo hoo.

The only sucky thing is that he’ll most likely take that $5 and buy a pack tomorrow while at work, and I’ll be fighting the urge to smoke when he comes home. Bastige. Ah, well. We’ll see what happens.

Right. I’m still in pain and done with writing. Until I blog again…

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