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Good for teasing

I’d been curious about fingertip massagers for some time before I received this one from You have the main body of the massager where the batteries are housed and the strap is placed, and then you have 5 texturally different attachments. The body and the attachments are made from a thick plastic; the finger band is more like rubber. It has a bit of a smell to it. Regardless, the attachments glide smoothly across my skin.

The band features 7 holes for adjustment so it should fit most finger sizes. It fit my index finger comfortably and I was never worried about it slipping off. The attachments twist on and off easily. However, the little nubs on the attachments that fit in the slots are weak and one broke easily during removal. One attachment features several little nubs; yet another has nubs, these shorter and wider; a third has a slight cone shape; the fourth is a simple raised impression; and the fifth bears a ring with a depressed middle.

The product claims to offer 13,000 vibrations per minute. While I don’t know if that’s true or not, I wasn’t overly impressed with its performance. While it’s lovely for an all over tease, don’t expect to experience an orgasm from this massager unless you’re really sensitive. The vibes are just too subtle for my liking. The sound is high and buzzy and is dulled only when pressed against the body. Those of us who require a bit more oomph from our vibrations will be disappointed in this. The massager requires only two watch batteries (included), so that probably explains the less than stellar vibrations. Still, as I said, it feels good as a teasing sensation all over the body. This would definitely be good for foreplay.

Cleaning the attachments is easy enough–just use soap and water. I wouldn’t recommend washing the body like that as it is not waterproof and you’re likely to damage it. Use a cleaning wipe instead or rubbing alcohol instead. No part of it is sterilizable, so no boiling water or dishwashers. A rather stiff velvet drawstring bag is included for storage.

I’m not terribly impressed with this overall. I think it would benefit by being 5 fingertip massagers instead of one with 5 attachments. Also, of course, the vibrations need to be stronger. Having said that, I think I’ll keep this around for when I want a nice tease.

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