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It’s the game of weed, but it’s legal

Tonight, I’m going to review for you a card game (an adult game) called “Weed!” Why am I doing this? Well..why not? It’s a fun and funny game. That friend I said I was going to visit yesterday? I played it with her and her mom. We had a great time. The object of this game is very simple: To grow the most pot plants in your garden. However, there are a few obstacles in your way, and your opponents (and you) need to utilize them to keep the others from winning.

2-4 players can play, but it’s recommended that you have a second deck if you wish to add more players. The deck consists of 54 high quality playing cards. (OK, so that pun made you groan, but it’s written in all seriousness on the pack!)

First, the basics. Each player is dealt five cards and the remainder are laid face down in a pile in the center of the surface you’re playing on. Make sure you have room in front of you to build your “garden.” At each turn, a player draws a card and either plays a card or discards one. You cannot do both in one turn. The round ends when a player has five pot plant cards in their garden (or everyone runs out of cards). Not five pot plants, but pot plant cards (otherwise the round would end too quickly). Gardens are to never exceed five cards (by that point someone has won, right?). If you run out of remaining cards in the pile just continue playing without drawing cards. And if you cannot play a card when it’s your turn, you must discard one.

Once a player has successfully built their garden, you can either stop there and start a new game or you can consider it a round and count the pot plants each player has, and play rounds until someone reaches fifty points. They are then the winner. My friends and I treated each round like a full game.

All of the drawings are simple cartoons featuring whatever action each card is capable of.

Now for the details:

Plant cards have one, two, three, four, or six pot plants on them. If you get one you just lay it down in front of you (in your garden). A Dandelion card (looks exactly like what it is) can be placed in an opponent’s garden. What this does is effectively prevent them from adding any more plants to their garden without first killing it by having and playing a Weed Killer card (in the form of, what else, a spray bottle). Get it? You have to kill a weed to grow your weed! It’s best to use a Dandelion card on someone who has four pot plant cards and is on the verge of winning. Even if they are able to kill the dandelion, they cannot lay down a pot plant card until their next turn. Both the Dandelion and Weed Killer cards are the player’s discards. You can also use a Weed Killer card to kill a Dandelion in another opponent’s garden, but I have no idea why you would do that.

The Hippie might be a benign character in your mind, but in this game a Hippie can smoke up the pot plants of an opponent’s cards. There’s a stereotypical cartoon Hippie (complete with braid, vest, and peace sign) on the front of each card. If you want to use your Hippie card, you simply place it on the lowest value pot plant card in an opponent’s garden. If that player has two equally low cards, you select one, let the Hippie “smoke it,” and he and the pot plant card are discarded. Note that this does not count as a turn for your opponent.

Appropriately enough, the Busted card depicts a police car. If you wish to play this card on an opponent, simply place the Busted card next to their garden and confiscate their highest value pot plant card. That card is discarded, but the Busted stays in the opponent’s garden and they must wait until their next turn before they can discard it. Even worse, they can’t draw a card on that next turn.

The Steal card is exactly what it sounds like (and has a shady character in a trench coat as its visual). You can take any opponent’s pot plant card (only one) by placing it next to their garden and snatching the desired card and placing it in your own garden. The Steal card is discarded immediately and does not count against your opponent.

Finally we come to the mother of all “you’re fucked” cards: Potzilla. The cartoon representing this character is reminiscent Godzilla, only he’s carrying a bong and is trampling a weed garden. This card is best used when an opponent is on the verge of winning. What this monster card does is completely destroy an opponent’s garden. All of their pot plant cards, including any Dandelions, are discarded along with the Potzilla card. And they have to start from scratch. My friends and I would dramatically yell “Potzillaaaaaaa!” whenever we’d slap that bad boy onto a garden. Good times.

So, basically that’s all there is to it. Simple strategy. My friends and I played several rounds of this and the best bit was definitely playing the Potzilla card on someone. It’s an, uh, addictive game. Now, before anyone accuses me (or EdenFantasys) of advocating drug use, do me a favor and get a grip. It’s just a game. A fun one to boot. Hell, even the manufacturers of the game aren’t advocating drug use as you can see by their disclaimer:

“This game is for fun and not meant to encourage drug use. Be smart and don’t smoke pot. It’s illegal for a reason.” If you ask me, the person (or people) who created this game was high. But, hey, that’s just my opinion. hehe

Does this sound like fun and make you want your won deck? Then click the widget below to buy it.

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Adult game by Kheper Games

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