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A hard day’s night

I had a hard, challenging day at work today. But I pulled through and I was feeling good again. Then I confided in someone whom I thought would be sympathetic, and instead they treated me like I’m an idiot. So the dam burst. I got extremely upset, cried, and then got a bit pissed off. The fact that my predictably unpredictable period could start any day now doesn’t help.

And then a little while later I get an unexpected visit from M on Yahoo Messenger. I was still upset and couldn’t pretend to be happy. It made me cry more. We talked for four minutes. That’s it. But at least he said he was sorry to hear I’d had a rough day and asked me if I was OK. I replied that I wasn’t, but that I would live. And how funny.. just as I was typing that last sentence he messaged me again. And there goes the waterworks. Fucking hell. They should be tears of joy, dammit. Well, really, I wouldn’t have cried when he messaged had it been a normal day. But I’ve missed him these last three weeks and he’ll be gone another three. The fact that he messaged me today just makes it harder. But at least I’m hearing from him.

I’ve got nothing left to say tonight. At least nothing to blog about.

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