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Nice job if you can get it

Carrie Ann suggested on Twitter that I write about working from home. So, I’m going to.

I’ve already talked about some of the advantages to working from home, but there are others. One is that it’s easier to keep an eye on my mom. See, she’s in her late sixties and doesn’t get around very well, and can also be pretty forgetful. Because she’s stubborn and refuses to delegate chores to other family members, she often hurts herself in one form or another. Just the other day I had to stop working because she had cut herself fussing with the vacuum cleaner and called me for help. After having her rinse off the blood, I put on some triple antibiotic ointment and a bandage. And that is just one small thing that she actually could’ve done herself, but I felt better being there. Knowing her, though, she would’ve found a way to hurt herself again while bandaging the first wound. She needs me here even though she hates that she does.

Another advantage is I can eat at my desk, which I definitely couldn’t do at my previous job. Sure, I can leave my desk if I want, and I have, but I like that I can eat and work at the same time. And I can have home cooked meals without having to reheat. I often would forget to bring a fork with my meals at my previous job, and my food was definitely not finger good. So, I would have to eat vending food instead. Great for a snack, not so great for a meal.

There is not quite the same rigidity as with a job outside the home. Yes, I do have to be (and am) at my desk working away while I’m on call, so to speak, but I can get up and take care of little things if I want. Now, some people might use this an excuse to slack off, but that’s not me. A job is a job no matter where I may do the work. Some people lose sight of this. I take advantage of the flexibility, but I don’t abuse it. Big difference.

An advantage I mentioned in that post I linked to is not having someone looking over my shoulder. If I know someone with authority is watching me while I work, I become extremely self-conscious and my brain shuts down. I make stupid mistakes. And few things are worse (at a job, anyway) than making stupid mistakes in front of a boss. There was one job I worked that took place in a call center, and sometimes our calls were monitored by supervisors without our knowledge. I was cool with that because, well, I had no idea when they’d monitor me. I would work efficiently. Had they forewarned me (“We’re gonna monitor your next call.”) and I start to worry and over-think things. Sad, I know, but I have no control over it. I’ve tried. So, yeah, this is a huge advantage for me.

I sometimes wonder what sort of slant my list of advantages would take if I didn’t like the job. Would it still be just as hellish as a job outside the home? Would I wish to work in a business complex again? I’m thankful I don’t have to know the answer to this. Well, I have to admit I do miss having a job to actually go to, and I miss my co-workers from my last job, but I wouldn’t trade this one for it. It’s just too damn good.

There you have it. Thanks, Carrie Ann, for the suggestion. :-)

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2 Responses to “Nice job if you can get it”

  1. I like learning a few things about other reviewers that isn’t just about sex toys. In my case, the toy posts take time, and I usually end up too lazy to write something about me.

    I’ve worked from home as well, and I did not have trouble to get the job done better than anyone else, and supervise a team, while still be able to watch over other things at home at the same time.

    However, at one point, it could be tough being home all day, but it has its advantages. You don’t get to spend time for transportation or even pay for it. ;)

  2. LivingFire says:

    I completely empathise with the issues regarding being watched at work – I am exactly the same. The only time I’ll screw something up is when I know I have someone hovering behind my shoulder…

    I’d love to work from home… I do small stuff here but if I could get more work / regular work that’d be awesome. Fingers crossed, eh?!

    LF x

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