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Just a bunch of whatever

Can ya tell I don’t have a specific subject to write about? Yeah. It’s one of those days. The most prominent thing on my mind right now is my left arm. It hurts. It’s a bum arm to start (with possible arthritis), and I made it worse by fucking myself to 4 orgasms last night and then 3 today. See, yesterday’s post got me incredibly horny, and then some dirty talking with Wanton earlier today inspired the other 3. They were all very pleasurable, but now I’m paying the price. Painkillers are helping a bit.

The other main thing on my mind is money. As usual, the family is barely scraping by. But, hey–we’re survivors. We’ll get through this shit and come out the other side. Those orgasms were great for taking my mind off it. For a little while.

Work is good. Busy. Never a dull moment. It’s the quickest 4 hours of my day.

I miss M. Did I tell you he’s on vacation until the end of August? Yeah. And he hasn’t been online much, just a few minutes here and there. Fucking is definitely off-limits as he’s staying with friends.

T is still on the ball with communication. He’s put me on a “strict diet” of time on Skype. We haven’t talked on there again since we that first day. Apparently he’s concerned he won’t be able to keep it in his pants, or that I might convince him to fuck. heh Still, it’s cool. He’ll let me know when he’s ready.

I’m sat here wondering if I’ve repeated myself from previous posts. I could double-check to be sure, but I just can’t be arsed. Besides, I’m sure one of y’all will let me know if I am.

I’m ready for bed already. It’s been a long day and my arm still hurts. Lots of writing and masturbating. Hopefully I’ll sleep well. (OK, I just wrote that, but who really cares about my sleeping habits?)

Speaking of sleeping, I’ve been having loads of weird dreams of late. I’m either having a nightmare, dreaming of ex-fucks in odd situations, or of babies. Yeah. Babies. Maybe that’s something I’ll write about during this 30-day challenge–why I’m choosing to be child-free. Unless I’ve already written about that. Any of my long-term readers (as in those who read my first blog) know? Drop me a comment, would ya? I’m a lazy bastard.

Anyway, I think that’s it for me. See how fitting the title to this post is? Yeah, me too.

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