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A funny thing happened on the way to the forum

Er, wait, that’s not right. But a funny thing did happen recently. Not funny ha ha, but funny in the way that it occurred when I needed it the most. See, I got denied unemployment funds, for reasons that don’t need exploring at this juncture (anybody know what I’m quoting here?), but just a couple days later I scored a job with Eden Fantasys. Today was my first day. And it was a great time.

This opportunity saved my ass and the asses of my family. Sure, my bro has a job, but a second income was desperately needed. How desperate? Well, you see, my bro was pushing me to become a taxi driver. I had some problems with that:

1. I’m still a relatively new driver, and I am not that familiar with getting around my city, let alone the bigger city he wanted me to drive for.
2. From what I understand, you pretty much have to work 24/7 to actually make a profit that doesn’t get eaten by gas and the fast food you’re scarfing down throughout the day.
3. I’d be putting my back to a variety of strangers, some who undoubtedly will be inebriated, and I’m 99% sure the taxis no longer have dividers between the front and back seats. Fuck. a bunch. of that.

So, I was feeling the pressure, stressing like a motherfucker, my face broke out badly, and then I got this amazing job. Why is it amazing?

1. I’m working for a great sex toy retailer, which is something I’ve wanted to do for a while.
2. I work from home, which saves on gas and I don’t have someone looking over my shoulder while I work.
3. I’m working with wonderful people whom (who or whom? I can never remember that bloody rule) I respect.
4. I’m inspired. That doesn’t happen often for me, especially not with a job. I hope it stays this way.
5. It kept me from having to be a taxi driver.

There’s not much else to say, but I would like to reiterate here the new disclaimer that’s featured in the “About me” section on the home page:

“These are my words, my thoughts, my opinions–on this, my personal blog–& are not influenced by my employer, Eden Fantasys. Any resemblance to their words, thoughts or opinions is completely coincidental. Are we clear?” Since some people are incredibly stupid, I may have to tack this onto the end of my more controversial posts/rants. Now that I’m thinking about this, it may be time to update my “About” page.

Anyhoo, I haz a happy. :-)

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