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This is the post that never ends

Yes, it goes on and on, my friends. OK, not really, but it may take a little while to get to the end. You see, a lot has happened these past 2-3 weeks and I’m gonna talk a bit about each.

I got laid off the 16th. I had heard on that Sunday or Monday that a big layoff was expected later in the week, so it wasn’t entirely a surprise. That and the fact that the job was seasonal made the news not-so-shocking. Still, I was somewhat bummed it was all coming to end. I knew I’d miss the money, the people and my routine. But I must admit it was a small relief as well. I had been tired previous couple weeks, as I’d been doing a lot of running around. Shit was crazy. Now, it’s very weird to be home all the time.

I spoke with the Co-Worker a few days ago, and she was having a hard time keeping herself occupied. She joked (I think) that she’ll be walking around in circles at home and people will ask her, “What are you doing” and she’ll be all mournful, “I don’t know!” I’m going to call her tomorrow and we’re going to work out a day to get together and hang out. I really miss going on break with her for a smoke or lunch. Now we can go out and terrorize the town! Just kidding. Maybe.

I will most likely not look for another job. I’ll simply coast on my unemployment pay until I get called back for the next season. I know I’ll be back at that job again. It was nearly impossible to get things done while my brother worked days and I worked nights. If I had a car of my own I’d be out looking for jobs this week. But it’s just too crazy with one car. Now if my bro loses his job or something else goes wrong, I’ll be out looking for a job ASAP.

Remember the guy I mentioned in this post? Well, I finally got the courage to give him number. Since I knew I wouldn’t be able to speak coherently and I didn’t want to face a rejection with people around, I wrote my name, cell phone number and this little message: “Text me some time?” on a piece of paper. I walked up to his desk, noticed he was looking at me out of the corner of his eye, and surprised him when I stopped there. He asked, “How’s it going?” I mumbled some reply then said, “This is for you,” and handed over the paper. He laughed, said thank you, and I turned on my heel and left. This was maybe a week before I got laid off. What happened next? He studiously ignored me and never texted. He still hasn’t and I know he never will. Oh, well. Like I said to friends, the most important thing is that I gave him my number. I wouldn’t have done that just a couple years ago, so that was a huge step for me.

We were finally able to buy a car. Well, we’ll be making bi-weekly payments, but for all intents and purposes, we own it. The rental is back where it belongs and it’s all paid off. I’m fucking glad as were getting raped by the rental price. (Yep, I did just use that word and, no, I’m not apologizing for it.) I had a couple copies of the ignition key made and bought a keyring for my bro and I each. This actually marks the first time I’ve had my own car key and keyring. One day I hope to own my very own car. Maybe it’ll happen in a year or two.

We had originally purchased a different car, but my bro came home and discovered that the dealership was selling it $3,000 over Blue Book price. That pissed off my brother, and since he didn’t sign any papers and had only paid a down payment in cash, he went back and got a refund. So, we looked everywhere we could for another car, but everyone wanted too much money for the down payment. Do you see where I’m going with this? Yes, we went back to the dealership that was overpricing vehicles and got a different car. It seems almost stupid of us, right? But let’s face it: We’re both poor with bad credit; we’re gonna get screwed no matter where we go. But at least this down payment left us enough money for insurance, groceries, and gas.

M and I got to fuck yesterday afternoon. It was the first time since he reappeared. It’s not usually on the menu for us, so it was a most welcome surprise. It was so good seeing him naked again and all of his physical idiosyncrasies that I’d grown to enjoy. It was also good having his eyes feast upon my naked body on cam while I fucked myself with this dildo. Oh, and it was fantastic hearing his voice again as he told me what he wanted to do with me. Excuse me while I shift in my seat a bit. For a hot post about us playing, read this.

T and I have hit a couple rough patches, but we seem to be good for now. The sex is always good, so no complaint there. It’s just two differing personalities clashing like a motherfucker on some days. I was very close to calling it quits yesterday, and had told him as much, but we ended up talking about it and sorted it through. So I’m guessing he didn’t want it to end, either. As it usually goes, both of us were in the wrong for one reason or another.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed I’ve recently posted a review on here, but I’ve also done one for Eden Fantasys, which can be found here. I’ve got one more to post on this blog and then the rest will most likely be on EF’s website.

I think that’s gonna do it for this post. I’m sure I’ve forgotten something, but hopefully it’ll come back to me for another post.

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