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I: stole this from Ashly Star (I <3 you, darlin').

I am: me; nothing more, nothing less

I think: way too fucking much

I know: who I am and who I don’t want to be

I have: good friends and numerous sex toys

I wish: that I was super rich

I hate: being poor and struggling to keep my head above water

I miss: being owned

I fear: my mother’s death

I smell: peachy (It’s my fragrant deodorant. Ha!)

I crave: cock

I search: for the truth, no matter whom it hurts

I wonder: if we’ll ever have one nice house before my mom dies

I regret: depends on the day; some days I regret nothing, others I
regret it all

I love: my people

I ache: because I can’t have it all

I am not: wasting any more of my time on people I can’t stand

I believe: I’m fucked (and not in the fun way)

I dance: never

I sing: because it’s a part of who I am and it’s a great stress reliever

I cry: right now because I’m on my period and my hormones are
fucking with me

I don’t always: know what the fuck I’m doing with my life

I fight: not as much as I used to

I write: because I’m good at it

I win: rarely

I lose: more than I think I can handle

I never: I try not to say “never”

I always: feel like I’m failing at something
I confuse: guys (I think)

I listen: to those I think have something worth saying

I can usually be found: online or at work

I am scared: of never digging out of this fucking hole

I need: a permanent job with benefits…and cock (just sayin’)

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