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That never talking thing you do is effective

I’ve had a lot of things happen these past couple weeks, but I find myself not wanting to post about them. At least not at length. I’ve been busy with work, especially since we’ve been having mandatory overtime (8 hrs) every weekend. I find myself not wanting to blog or tweet. In fact, I have tweeted in a few days, though I will tweet the link to this post once I’ve finished. But I really have nothing else to say on there. OK, I think of things to say, but it’s simply habit. Will I ever tweet or blog steadily again? Not sure. Maybe once I’m unemployed I’ll feel a pull toward my old ways, but for now the shine has gone off it. I’m too busy living life to give much of a fuck about those things. And you know what? I’m actually enjoying not reviewing and staying away from the sex blogging clique.

As for work, it’s going well. I miss have two days off in a row. But I can’t complain too much as the money is very nice. I’ve been outside of my comfort zone more times than I care to count; sometimes because of outside forces, sometimes because I’m apparently growing a pair balls. That’s metaphorical balls for those of you literal folks. I’ve been flirting with CGB nearly every day at work. I’ve even given him my contact info. Haven’t heard from him outside of work, though, but that’s because he works two jobs and has other things going on. Oh, and I can’t really call him Cute Geek Boy as I found out he’s more of an athlete. Yeah, I was completely shocked. The boy does not, in any way that I can see, remind one of an athlete. But anyway, he is.

Cute Married Boy got a job in his field and left without saying goodbye. Punk. hehe The Coworker and I are still carpooling. Her car is a piece of shit so we have been taking our rental to work. She drives to my house and leaves her car parked out front. Driving home is the main thing I look forward to every night at work. I just love to drive. I was supposed to do OT tonight, but I decided to do it tomorrow (Sat.). My left arm was killing me on Thurs. and the rest of my body was telling me I needed a break. I had been pushing myself too hard this past month and my body has not so subtle ways of telling me to knock it off. I’ve learned my lesson.

I had my medical tests done on Monday (full blood workup/testing my thyroid and cholesterol level), but haven’t gotten the results yet. However, I have to see my psychiatrist this coming Monday and my results should be in my file. Here’s hoping nothing is out of whack. I don’t get what my cholesterol level has to do with my anxiety and depression, but whatever. I’ve never had it tested before so it’ll be interesting to know the results.

T and I are still going at it, though we hit a pretty big snag a couple weeks ago. In short, while I may have feelings for him, there will be no relationship for us other than fucking. We’re simply too incompatible. Except for fucking. heh

Oh, btw, I bought my first strap-on harness (in black.) I’ve tried wearing it only once and it was a disappointing experience. I think my hips are just too wide and my thighs too big. *le sigh* I’ll give it another chance, though. I also bought a small harness-compatible dildo to go with it.

I’ve sold three of my toys. One girl paid with $100 in gift cards to EF which is how I got the harness. In addition to the harness and dildo I got three books that seemed interesting. The last link leads to Babeland as the link on Eden Fantasys appears to be messed up.

That project I mentioned I was preparing for? Yeah, I haven’t prepared for it yet. I’m too busy for that. And my desk is a mess and everything is way overdue for a cleaning, but I just can’t be arsed. The last thing I want to do when I have a day off is clean. Ugh. But I’ll have to break down and do it soon.

I don’t know what else to say, so I’ll end things here. Until next I blog….

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