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Hello one and all. Just popping in for an update.

I’m still working. Dunno how much longer that’s going to last, though. So, I was thinking about job searching again. My mom and bro made a good point about the possibility of me discriminated against because of my bald head, so I’ve decided to let my hair grow out. Which sucks. Going bald was the best hair-related decision I’ve ever made. But a spanner’s been thrown into the works. My mom is in her late 60s and has health problems, and her issues with mobility are increasing. She really needs someone to be with her most of the time. So perhaps instead of looking for a job I should take care of her. The state might even pay me to do it. We shall see.

Oh, remember how I had an interview set up with the place where my bro is now working? Yeah, the chick never called. I called her later that day and even sent an e-mail. No response to either. Finally, the other day I get a rejection letter. Nice. Oh, well. At least my bro is working.

Just this past week, the two cute boys from orientation at work were called back in. The married one did a double-take when he saw my shaved head. I’m impressed he recognized me. We’d make eye contact and wave on occasion, but I was always with my coworker (OK, she’ll finally be called CW from here on out) and I’m not good at approaching people, so we never spoke. I don’t think the cute geek one even recognized me and, again, I didn’t approach him. It’s harder for me to approach a guy, even for a casual chat, if he’s cute. Sad, I know.

Anyway, Cute Married Boy (CMB) wasn’t at work last night, but Cute Geek Boy (CGB) was. I’d noticed the two hung out mostly by themselves, and CGB looked kinda lonely on his own. He finally recognized me and made eye contact while CW and I waited in line at the bathroom. He and I chatted about work a bit, and then he went on his way. Seeing as I have a bit of a crush on him, this made my smile like a fucking goofball. I settled back into work and debated asking him about his breaks.

It took about an hour, but I finally grew a pair of balls and approached him on my way to the bathroom. I found out he and CMB get there earlier than I and leave earlier as well. But it turns out they take their first break at the same time CW and I do, so I invited him to join us for tonight’s 9 PM break. CMB will most likely join us. Yay for cute boys keeping me company!

Oh, I, uh, found out CGB’s age: 22. Yeesh. That’s a bit too young for my liking. He’s only 2 years older than my twin nephews! He was probably still in nappies when I was changing theirs. Some days I forget I’m 32. He’s cute, sweet, funny, and smart…but 22? I don’t think I’m going to pursue him. I won’t stop hanging with him, though. I need some testosterone around me….need to be one of the guys. Sometimes.

Apparently there’s some talk around work that CW and I are a couple. Yeah. Ha! She was even asked outright if she was a “rugmuncher.” I shit you not. No one has said a word to me. I’m 99% sure it’s because of my size and butch appearance. People seem afraid of me when I’m not with CW. hehe I like that, but I also wish someone would say something to me so I could fuck with them. Just one inappropriate comment said to my face, that’s all I ask.

CW and I spend every break together, unless something else is going on. She’s doesn’t talk to a lot of people at work because she doesn’t give a fuck what they have to say. But she’s a chatterbox with me. If she can’t come outside with me on break, I sit alone on a bench, smoke my cigarette, and keep to myself. Now, I will talk to anyone who speaks to me first, but I don’t strike up conversations. She’s not very feminine, but she is more than I am. Of course, we must be lesbians! It’s stupid and hilarious at the same time. The cute boys better be careful hanging out with each other, or soon they’ll be rumored to be lovers! Ha!

Let’s see–what else is there to talk about?

Oh, yeah. I spent most of this past weekend with T. Saturday was great. We spent several hours voicing and camming on Skype and we fucked twice. I enjoyed just hanging out with him while he watched TV or whatever and I surfed the net. This is funny considering my original intention was to never even see his face. You know, to keep an emotional distance. Ah, well.

I’ve got a three-day weekend coming up and I plan on fucking T as often as I can. I’m taking Thursday off from work because I have to fast for some medical tests on Friday. No, it’s nothing worrisome, just things that need to be checked. And then on Sunday T leaves for a week of vacation. But he’ll be back just in time for my weekend. Yay! I have to admit I’m going to miss him, and not just his cock. The boy is growing on me. And it’s nice, but I’m cautious. I was feeling low the other day, reminiscing about M, and it prompted me to make a request–out of the blue–of T: to not disappear on me. I told him that ceasing to fuck me is okay, but disappearing on me is not okay. He said he wouldn’t, and I hope he doesn’t. If he does, I may have to hunt him down and kick his ass. Just sayin.’

This is a long post, huh? heh

*tries to think of something else she wants to say*

I’m sure I’m forgetting something, but I’m drawing a blank. So there’s my lot for today. Until next update….

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