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I’m blowing with the wind of change

If you know this Scorps song, then you’ll know the meaning of it actually has little to do with what about I’m about to write, other than the change bit.

I’m taking an indefinite leave from writing reviews and sorta from this blog. What do I mean by “sorta?” Well, I’ll probably post on occasion, but the naughtiness factor will remain low-to-nonexistent. Why am I doing this? A few reasons:

a) With work I have far less spare time and the last thing I want to do is write a review or feel like I need to blog something naughty.

b) I have a non-sexual project I’m planning to embark on that will leave me with scarce time or desire to write reviews and posts.

c) I’m really kind of tired of the cycle of getting free sex toys and products and having a constant review train of thoughts circling around in my head.

It sounds crazy that someone would get tired of getting free stuff, but it’s true in my case. I can’t even use a new toy without thinking about how I’d write it up. And like I’ve said before, I don’t masturbate as often and when you get to the point where you have to wank in order to keep up your end of the bargain with a sex toy company, it becomes way less fun. Don’t get me wrong–nobody put a gun to my head and forced me to take this gig. I wanted it, badly, but my greediness + less free time = several sex toys that don’t get used. In fact, I’m going to get rid of some of them (hopefully) via a toy swapping network made specifically for reviewers. You know, when I have the time. It’ll be for money because I don’t want any toys in return.

I’m sure you all must be wondering what my forthcoming project will be. Welllll, I can’t tell you. Well, I can, I just won’t. heh All I will say is that it’s big as in it’s time-consuming. Vagueness is a bitch, isn’t it?

Fred and T are not happy about me doing this. heh I feel kinda bad because Fred did sponsor me to keep this blog going, which is one reason why I’m not doing away with it completely. However, I plan on paying Fred back as soon as I can so I won’t feel so bad if I do let this blog go tits up. Another reason it stays is because I’m sure I’ll either need or want to post again in my naughty world, and it would be stupid to delete this blog and then have that desire strike. I did that in the past with my old blogs and I don’t want to go down that path with this one. Also, I figure you guys would like the occasional update to see how I’m doing. Yes? No? Indifferent? heh

Forgive me if my sudden change in direction upsets you. I mean, I know I don’t owe anybody anything (with possibly the exception of Fred), but I know you guys have enjoyed my blog and some of you might be upset like Fred or T. But *shrug* there’s nothing I can do about your feelings. But I do thank you all for reading and for your comments.

My tweeting on Twitter might suffer, too, but it might be the best way to check in on me. Feel free to follow. Also, I have a page that I’ll check on occasion to see if anyone has any questions for me. If you want to reach me directly there is always my thestrangestcandy[at]gmail[dot]com e-mail addy.

In other news, I’m BALD!! No, not my cunt, my head. On top of my shoulders. Yes, seriously. See, here’s proof:

I even shaved it fully earlier today:

I fucking love it! I always hated looking into the mirror before, but now I love seeing my bald head. I think it suits my face really well and talk about low-freaking maintenance. Okay, so I did buy a yummy smelling body scrub and sunscreen lotion for it and I do need to shave it every few days or so (if I want the clean look), but there’s nothing that I absolutely have to do to make it look good. Wheeee! I may never go back to hair! Seriously.

I didn’t actually decide to be bald, though I’ve fantasized about it a few times. See, it started as an accident. I don’t feel like retyping the whole damn scenario right now, so I’ll just copy and paste what I told a friend on AIM:

“well, see, it was long-ish and annoying the fuck outta me so i decided to buzz it down to an inch like i usually do.. so i do the deed and take a shower, and then i noticed i missed a few long hairs.. so in my haste to get it done before work, i grabbed the clippers but forgot the guard and promptly gave myself a bald spot lol i could live with a bald head easier than a bald spot”

And there you have it folks–a hairbrained move led to my wondrous discovery of the gloriosity (totally just made that word up) that is bald-dom.

Oh, oh! I also bought a badass fedora at Wal-Mart today. Check this shit out:

Fucking sweet, huh? Only downside is the design on the side:

That’s not exactly an atheist’s dream design, but the fedora is so awesome that I forgive it. Tomorrow is dress-up day at work, so I’m gonna wear black slacks, my white job interview dress shirt, a tie, possibly my black 3/4 sleeve job interview jacket, and my fedora. Oh, yeah, I’m totally going to gender-bend that place! I do realize the funny timing of wearing a cross on that stupid holiday Easter, but if anybody asks I’ll just say, “Nope, I’m an atheist. This is just a cool hat.” heh Pics maybe later!

Shit, I almost forgot! I will be doing two more reviews for because Domina placed the latest orders before I came to this decision, so I will honor that. It’d be rather rude not to, you know?

Well, that’s all the news that’s fit to type, so I’m out!

2 Responses to “I’m blowing with the wind of change”

  1. Do what you must, darlin’. I’ll miss you though, heh. I will pester you via e-mail from time to time. Don’t think you can get rid of me so easily. ;)

    I don’t think it’s weird to get tired of reviewing. I won’t write a novel on that but meh, free stuff or not, it can get old.


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