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This and that

Hello one and all. Just popping in for an update. I’m still working. Dunno how much longer that’s going to last, though. So, I was thinking about job searching again. My mom and bro made a good point about the possibility of me discriminated against because of my bald head, so I’ve decided to let my hair grow out. Which sucks. Going bald was the best hair-related decision I’ve ever made. But a spanner’s been thrown into the...

I’m blowing with the wind of change

If you know this Scorps song, then you’ll know the meaning of it actually has little to do with what about I’m about to write, other than the change bit. I’m taking an indefinite leave from writing reviews and sorta from this blog. What do I mean by “sorta?” Well, I’ll probably post on occasion, but the naughtiness factor will remain low-to-nonexistent. Why am I doing this? A few reasons: a) With work I have far less...
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