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Sometimes size matters

I’ve decided to no longer single Wanton out for deflowering me. If Pianti were to nix the whole thing, I realized I’d use that as an excuse to not say buh-bye to my maidenhood (I know I don’t have one, but I just couldn’t resist. Sorry.) Here I am taking it way too seriously which I had always denied doing. Hello there, self-delusion! How are ya? Yeah. So. I’m keeping my options open.

I’d let T have the honor, but our physical bodies are, um, glaringly obvious. I’m 5’7-5’8, he’s 5’3. I’m at least 330 lbs, he’s 120 lbs. I have an abnormally big ass, he has a smaller than average cock. Positions could be problematic, especially doggie-style. Don’t worry, it’s OK to laugh; T and I have a hoot over it. However, any purely mean-spirited comments left here about any of it, especially his cock, will be deleted. Back in the day I would’ve ripped trolls a new one, but it’s a waste of energy and time. But troll comments will not sully my blog for long.

For those of who read my posts on Eden Cafe, T is not the basis for my article about men who love being humiliated for having a small penis. He’s gotten enough grief over it and does not enjoy it. But meeting him is what made me reflect on that kink anew.

A solution to this problem would be for me to lose weight. I already have many reasons to do so, so why not tack on another? Actually, I think I’ve written before about losing weight to make sex easier. I have been thinking about weighs to incorporate some light exercise into my days, but so far I have nothing. Walking during my breaks was a possibility until I decided I don’t have the time. I get two 15-minute breaks and one 30-minute lunch. 15 minutes is not enough to go to the bathroom and get in enough walking, and I need at least 15 minutes to eat my lunch, not including the couple minutes it takes me to heat my food and get a drink.

The work building does have a 24/7 gym free to employees, so I’m thinking that once I start driving myself I can see about taking advantage of the gym during the afternoon. Even if I can only walk laps around the area it’s a start. I rode a stationary bike when I was 15, but I don’t know if my knees would be keen on that idea. Maybe start off at 5 minutes a time to get them used to it. I wouldn’t be surprised if they rebel, though. heh I’ll definitely work out with the weights. I love weight-lifting. I don’t wanna be really muscular, though. Certain areas toned and defined? Fine. Bulging muscles? No.

Of course, I’ll also be watching what I eat. Since I’m trying to lose weight the right way, it’s gonna take time. But it’d be nice to have lost a noticeable amount of weight around this time next year. Hopefully I’ve got it in me to make it happen.

5 Responses to “Sometimes size matters”

  1. LivingFire says:

    Best of luck with the healthy lifestyle – keep chipping away and eventually it will show, and the good thing about doing it right is that it tends to stay off, not jump back on… My dad is doing amazing, he’s lost like 70+ lbs, I’m so proud of him!

    [And wish I could manage it too!]

    LF x

  2. Saraid says:

    I just wanted to add I’m trying to loose weight, too. I got the Jillian Michael’s DVD 30 Day Shred and really like it. She has a few others as well. The workouts have modifications for easier or harder versions and it goes in levels. Also, they are only 20 minutes and all you need are a pair of weights (I use 2 big books).

    You might try it out – I think it’s around $8 most places and it’s a lot more fun than the gym. At least for me, but I get bored easily.

  3. Saraid says:

    lose* not loose. I apparently can’t spell.

  4. Kristi says:

    Wow, well done to him. And thank you. I hope I can make it work for me this time. :-)

  5. Kristi says:

    Thanks for the tip. I’ll have to check out her stuff. Good luck on the weight loss.