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Great surprise

So I received the best call ever last night. Someone from my job called and asked me if I wanted to report for work next Tuesday. I had to keep from yelling in her ear, “Fuck yeah, I do!” But I remained calm and assured her I’d be there. It was such wild timing considering I had just called them earlier in the day. Obviously, I didn’t expect that at all. My mood has been great since then.

I went out and bought some groceries just a couple hours ago, and it was so wonderful having the money for them and knowing that we’d be okay for a while now. I’m already thinking about the things I need: a car, new glasses, to pay off my college so I can start working toward my Bachelor’s. All in good time. Of course, the car takes precedence. I love H and she’s so awesome for taking me places, but I’d like to be able to visit with her without needing her mom’s vehicle.

In more good news, I’ve got new things to review:

Onye B3

Things are going so well at the moment that if I was superstitious, I’d knock on wood. Instead, I’ll just enjoy the fuck out of all of this.

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