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Close call

Get it? Close call? Yeah, it’s lame.


I’ve good news. Great news, really. We’ve got it worked out with the cable company where they get some money now and the rest later. This means we have money for food and other things. Also, I called my job to give them my new cell phone number and I was informed that they should start processing and bringing in new hires next week. Yeehaww! I was so happy and relieved that I was yelling my excitement to the family. I’m glad I had to call in. Why didn’t I do it before? Because 1. the whole “Don’t call us, we’ll call you” thing. They take that seriously. 2. I was afraid of bad news. I knew I had the job, but fears are irrational, so there you go.

Things were looking bleak, folks. We were 99.9% sure we would lose our cable/internet/phone connection (yes, all one package). I was letting my brother’s doubt beget my own. Not good. So, yeah, yesterday was a real downer. And that’s not even including the fact that I was still upset over M. Now I’m deleting his IDs from my messengers and our chat archives. And I just deleted the folder with his pictures. It’s a small hurt inside of larger, happier things. I’ll be fine.

The $100 gift card is no longer up for sale because we should be fine. I should be able to pull the toys from the sale soon as well. Of course, I’ll y’all know if that ever changes.

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