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Gift cards for sale

I’ve got a couple Eden Fantasys gift cards I’d like to sell. I’ve got one for $100 that I’m asking for $85, and I’ve got a $25 one that I’m asking for $20. If you buy former for $100 you get the latter for only $5. Any takers? E-mail me at thestrangestcandy[at]gmail[dot]com if you’re interested. Gift card codes will be e-mailed to you.

Still no news about my job. My bro is convinced I won’t hear from them. I’m trying to not lose hope. He’s seeing about a job of his own, but he’s waiting on some paperwork. Hopefully one of us will be working within the next couple weeks.

We’re behind on our cable/internet payments. Like, uh, way behind. So, there’s a good chance we’ll lose it all in the very near future. If you don’t hear from me on here, in an e-mail or on Twitter, that’s probably why. We could pay it, but then we’d have no money for food or anything else. Priorities. We’d eventually get it back, though. It’s good for our sanity.

My toys are still up for sale, and I’m adding LELO’s Ella to that for $20. Of course, there are other ways you can offer your support, either by using my affiliate links to purchase sex toys or make donations via PayPal.

In other news, I had a right good scare last night. I had gotten very horny after watching some porn online, so I laid out my Liberator Throe and settled down for some orgasms. I did my thing for, say, 15 minutes or so then I got up to clean up. I came out of the bathroom, reached for my throe, and there at the foot of the throe was a big light tan-nish looking spider. I’m all, “Holy fuck! How long has that damn thing been there?! The entire time my tender bits were exposed?! Gah!!!” I killed that fucking spider. I killed it but good. I really fucking hate spiders. Want to hear me shriek and act like a girl? Put a spider near me. Or a snake. *shudders*

So, if you keep snakes and/or spiders as pets we cannot be friends. Or at least we can’t be friends at your house. Just sayin’.

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