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Fuck buddies fuck buddies

The past couple days have been interesting and quite fun. T and I spent them playing and talking. We laugh a lot and last night we discovered that we have opposite tastes in damn near everything. Movies, TV, music, books, comics…I’m a lover of all and it was disheartening (and hilarious) to find out how our tastes differ. His taste in movies and TV sucks donkey balls! I mean, who can’t get into Shaun of the Dead? Dead people, that’s who! *sticks tongue out at T*

Friday night was particularly interesting as T let me dominate him a bit. I’ve mentioned before that I have dominant tendencies, but I’m better at being dominant through text than I am vocally. Text allows me to remain cool and detached and give orders, but it’s nearly impossible for me to keep that up once I’m voicing with someone.

So the following took place:

T: im trying to NOT to cum yet
Me: don’t until i tell you to
T: oh man
T: u dirty girl
my cock wants to cum
Me: why yes, yes i am
does it?
how badly?
T: but i won’t let it and you wont
Me: who said i was going to?
Me: i bet your balls are aching for release
is your cock throbbing, T?
T: yes
Me: good
T: i want to unload my cum in your mouth
Me: mmmmmmmmmmmm
T: stroking off and on
Me: good
Me: keep teasing yourself
Me: when you do come i want you to do me a favor
T: ya
Me: say my name
T: k
Me: good
Me: do you ever have submissive tendencies?
T: oh i think i could…considering i’m holding in my cum for you…
Me: this is true
and you’re a good boy for doing so
i’d love to take over the stroking for you
and apply my mouth
i keep looking at the picture of your cock
T: u dirty bitch
Me: wanting to nibble your foreskin
and you love it
T: yes
T: oh god
i wanna cum
Me: mmmmmmmm
i just bet you do
T: u naughty whore Kristi…making me wait
Me: i am what i am
T: keeping all my cum for yourself
Me: just as like it
T: been a long time since i’ve been this hard, this long
Me: maybe i should have you film yourself coming so i can see your load and hear you call my name
Me: yes, i think you should film yourself for me
T: u think so eh?
Me: absolutely
i want to hear you say my name
i want to see your big load
T: may i use lube?
Me: you may
good on your for asking
T: good, getting sore on one spot
Me: we don’t want that
fuck, i’m turned on
T: may i take off my boxers?
Me: hmmmm
no, leave them on
T: ok
can i begin?
Me: what favor will you be granting me?
T: to see my load
Me: and?
T: hear me say your name
when i cum
Me: good
you may begin
T: ty

He did just as I told him to and it’s quite the hot little video. I’m a sucker for a person moaning my name as they come. Instant arousal. I just now watched it again and I’m squirming in my chair. If my period hadn’t started and I didn’t have things I need to do, I’d see about fucking T. I can get quite horny on my period, but I usually cannot be bothered to wank.

I ended up fucking myself not long after watching that video. I was so horny that I knew it’d be a good time to test out my new anal toy. I like double penetration so I thought I’d try slipping this big veiny dildo in my pussy. I wasn’t sure it’d happen, but sure enough both toys slid deep inside their respective holes. It felt so amazing that I came within about two or three minutes. Yeah, it was that good.

I convinced T to get on Skype late Friday night/early Saturday morning and we fucked. I was naked and laid out on my Liberator Throe and completely soaking wet. T could distinctly hear the wet sounds as I fucked myself. We both came and I continued to lie on the Thoe while we talked. However, I wasn’t completely satiated yet, so I kept fucking myself (with this dildo) and after a while of this self-teasing, T coaxed me to orgasm.

And then last evening we fucked on Skype again and later in the conversation we turned on our cams. The entire Skype session lasted nearly six hours, which ensured that I accomplished nothing else. There was a bit of flashing and teasing on both ends, and we finished the session with T wanking for me. We logged off of AIM and I went to bed and fucked myself yet again.

It’s so nice to have a fuck buddy, especially a vocal one. I love zee dirty talk and moaning, and oh, does T moan. And he’s so obliging! What more could a girl ask for?

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  1. Wow. This post REALLY got to me this evening, in the best possible way of course! Thank you for sharing. I LOVE your dom tendencies!

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