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You scratch my back…

So, I’ve got this thing going on with this guy. It basically fell into my lap and I just ran with it. He’ll be called “T” and he’s my new cyber fuck buddy/playmate. It started with me mentioning on Twitter that I enjoy watching men masturbate. Itisone of my favorite pastimes. He volunteered to make a video for me, and he finally did last night and we converged on AIM so he’d have an easier time transferring it to me.

I had warned him to not expect reciprocation from me. I know some guys are just happy to have a girl watch them wank, but others demand something in return no matter what they initially say. T was hoping I would relent, but of course it was my call. Impulsively, I filmed myself having a wank and sent it to him while we were chatting. I’d had absolutely no intention of doing that, but I guess the slut in me can’t resist.

We chatted some more and decided to do this on a regular basis. I fucked myself earlier today and filmed it for him, and he did the same for me. We sent them to each other and he got off while watching mine. We covered some likes and dislikes, especially what sort of name calling I was comfortable with. Short of the word “fat” pretty much everything else is fine. Of course, now that I’ve said that I’ll find something that bothers me. Ha!

So far we get on all right. I made it clear to him that I’m not looking for a relationship. He’s open to the possibility but having fun is paramount for both of us. There is the issue of time. I’ve decided to start restudying my college texts and preparing to go for my Bachelor’s and once I start work, that plus my study will take up a lot of my time. And he’s busy in his own right. However, there’s no pressure and we’ll play when we have time.

I guess my body and mind can’t forget how much fun it is masturbating for someone else, no matter how I try to resist. I don’t know how I’ll juggle this if M comes back into the picture. We were casual as well, but making time for two playmates is hard. But then I’m not holding my breath waiting for him to come back. I’m just glad he and I weren’t in a relationship, or it’d be much harder on me.

T and I discussed the possibility of phone sex. I sang the praises of Skype, so that’s what we’ll be using if we do go that route. Phone sex can be nice, but I prefer to use both hands while wanking, and I don’t have a way to attach a headset to my phone. I think. Hmmm, I’ll have to check that out. I still prefer Skype, though. Who knows, maybe I’ll do some cam play for him some time. Time will tell.

Anyway, I don’t really have anything else to say about it. So there you have it: I have a new playmate.

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