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Worry wart

It’s true, I was. Hell, I think I worried while inside my mother’s womb. I rarely moved, to the point that my mom was concerned. I think I was just worried about coming out into this world. I’m great at imagining worst case scenarios that usually either don’t materialize or they turn out to be less worrisome than I imagined.

It’s obvious I was worried while writing this post. I’ve calmed down considerably since writing that. I mean, I’m still a bit worried and even depressed, but I’m not envisioning doomsday anymore. Sure, it’ll be sucky while I wait, and my family will struggle more, but I’ve got a secure job waiting for me. Not a lot of people can say that.

Since I’m doing better, I’ve decided to keep my latest shipment from Eden Fantasys. However, my sale is still going on with the remaining items, and I will be selling forthcoming gift cards. I’ve got someone waiting in the wings with first dibs on them, so I’ll post what I have after they’ve had their pick.

The other day I tried out the 10″ Raging Hard-Ons dildo.

Fucking monstrous, isn’t it? It’s not as thick as Kong the Realistic, but it has three more insertable inches. I chose the 10″ over the 8″ so I’d have an easier time of handling it. And handle it, I did. The thing is freaking amazing for size queens and those who love texture. The extremely pronounced veins felt fantastic.

I was already turned on at the thought of taking it when Wanton decided to tease me on Yahoo Messenger, first with words and then with a few minutes of watching him stroke his cock on cam. You know that got me hook, line, and sinker. I quickly excused myself from chat, gave the dildo a wash and got out some lube. There was lots of moaning and whimpering and eyes rolling up into my skull. Dayum.

Only thing that could be considered a downside is I paid for the beating I gave my cervix with painful cramps the next day. It was totally fucking worth it, though. I keep thinking about how if I had been with a sadistic dominant, he probably would’ve kept fucking me despite the pain, which would mean more painful and probably longer lasting cramps. See, alone I know my limits and usually won’t push myself further. A sadistic dom would not have cared much or at all. I’d be in agony, but I know a part of my brain would delight in the fact that my dom had used me as he pleased. Yum.

I will write a review of the dildo for EF, and I will link to it here once it’s live. I wrote two reviews for them yesterday: Pleasure Wipes & Toko Aroma Formula lube. I still have a few things from them that I’m not required to review, but I hope to have them reviewed on their site (or mine) some day. This reminds me I need to update my reviews page.

Well, now I’m going to go check out this week’s MfM theme and see if I can come up with something. I’m also going to brainstorm on an idea for Half-Naked Thursday.

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