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Here we go again

So yesterday was my last day of training. It was fun. I got a higher score on the test this time so I’m pleased about that. Unfortunately, the guy I’d befriended who sat next to me didn’t pass any of the tests. There’s a chance he could get hired for another department, but if he doesn’t I won’t be seeing him again. It’s a shame. He was a real nice guy. Both of the cute boys made it, but now I can’t ogle them any longer until we get called back. This is where the bad news come in. We were told to not expect to get a call for at least a month. Ugh. I miss being called Frank.

My mind instantly went into damage control mode. My first thought was to not open any of the products I just ordered from Eden Fantasys and just trying selling them. I don’t want to do it all over again but the other option is no good. I could also sell the Coochy cream because I haven’t opened it yet, and I can sanitize the Pleasure, so it can be sold along with the comic book. Of course, I’ve still got items left over from my first sale. This fucking blows, man, but they are just sex toys. I get plenty free anyway. Oh, I’m also going to be selling any EF gift cards I get in the near future.

We nearly bought a car Wednesday. Remember that chick my brother had been corresponding with regarding buying her vehicle? Well, my brother finally had the money to buy it on Wed. and we had H come up early. He had to call the chick to get her address again because he’d lost the e-mail with it. This is when we found out the car is about to crap out. She lives quite a ways from us and she asked where we’d be coming from. When my brother told her she said, “Oh, I think it should make it.” Um. OK. We ultimately decided it wasn’t worth the risk. The fucking cunt had plenty of time to tell my brother it was a piece of shit, but I guess she just couldn’t be bothered until our hopes were well and truly up. Thank fuck we didn’t make the trip only to discover its crappiness once there as he would’ve had to pull me off her. Thanks for nothing, cunt.

I feel discombobulated (coolest word ever). I had a routine down for work and now the rug’s been pulled out from under my feet. The drive home was an unusually quiet one. There just wasn’t anything to happily chatter about; H had a splitting headache and I was depressed. Wheee!

I’m quite tired of not having M around. I’m doing my best to assume things are not well on his end and that this is not a case of him dicking me around. But I’m a paranoid fuck like that. I’m very lonely and it’s been tempting to contact D. I asked Wanton how stupid it would be to do that, and he replied: “Fairly.” I told him to be brutal in his response, so I got off easy. Thank fuck for friends who don’t try to spare your feelings.

Well, that’s my lot for the day. I realized I’ve missed the past couple HNTs and MfMs, but they should make a comeback next week.

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