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The cat’s meow

Last night my training class had its first test. We were told to consider it a practice test because we would have two more tries to pass it the next two days. I was very calm and relaxed during the period leading up the to the test. I had a frazzled moment when we began and then I fell into a groove. It has been years since I last did this job, but it all came back to me during that test. When it was over I was confident I had done well. I felt like I had done well. You could even say I was confident I had passed. However, I had felt like that before during earlier exercises only to have been proven wrong and I was a little concerned this was a similar instance. I needn’t have been, though, because I passed with flying colors. [insert huge grin]

I still have to take the remaining two tests because the company will take our best score of the three and base their decision to bring us back on it. The higher the score, the quicker they’ll place us. I scored a 93.33% so I’m feeling pretty good. And if I score even higher today or tomorrow, I may just cream myself.

The trainer explaining this used 2 and 3 weeks as example wait times before getting called back. I don’t know if my family can get through 2 or 3 weeks or even longer. At least I’ll be getting a paycheck the 8th. Or the 11th if they didn’t get my direct deposit sorted and I have to wait for a paper check. With that we just might get through by the skin of our teeth.

I received a $50 Eden Fantasys gift card, or rather a gift card code, in my e-mail today for that post I wrote for Eden Cafe, so naturally I spent it. The last order was retail therapy and this one is a treat to myself for that great score. Here’s what I got:

Divine Carry On
Raging Hard-Ons (10″)

The next items are things I’ve got now but I’m stocking up on:

Climax Bursts toy cleaner
Pleasure Wipes (vanilla)

A few days earlier I used a GC and placed an order for a bullet for a friend of mine along with Coochy shave cream for me.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. I’ll also be reviewing the Better Than Chocolate vibe here on the blog, and Bath Therapy on the EF site.

So, yeah, lots of goodies. I need to do a “What’s in your box?” post for Britni soon, perhaps after I’ve received all of my stuff this week. The thing is, I can almost guarantee my collection will have grown/changed before the post goes up. It’s insane, but in an awesome way. lol

In other news, there’s been no word from M. I have no clue what’s going on even though I gave him my cell phone number. I know texts from there to here are not cheap, but one shouldn’t break him. Of course, that’s assuming he had the presence of mind to either key my number into his phone or to write it down. I don’t know what I’m going to do if I don’t hear from him by Thursday. I’ll be off from work for who knows how long, ergo I’ll have lots of time to miss him and become pathetic about it. Ugh.

All things considered, life is good at the moment and I’m still pleased as puddin’ that I passed that test on my first try. And with a score I didn’t think I’d have!

Come Thursday I’ll see about starting a new smut piece. Now won’t that be loverly?

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