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The Ina Dual Action Vibrator is one of the latest offerings from LELO. It’s a high-end version of the rabbit style vibrators. Having heard great things about it from the lucky few to have received it, I decided to ask if I could give a whirl. Soon after I had the gorgeous thing in my hands.

I think LELO has outdone themselves with this creation. As is typical of all their vibrators, the Ina is made of hard plastic with a smooth, velvety silicone coating. She’s 8″ long with about 3 of them being insertable. She has a 2″ long clit stimulator that you can bend somewhat as you slide the shaft inside. She can’t bend very far, though, so do be careful. She has a 2″ wide base that fits well in my hand. There are four round function buttons on the face, which is a marked change from the push-dial controls on their other vibrators. Left to right is minus and plus and top and bottom are up and down. The earlier controls were too easy to accidentally manipulate, but these new buttons need a good push so you don’t have to worry about losing your groove.

The Ina has a DC socket covered by a little flap on the very bottom.

As with all of LELO’s vibes it comes with its own charger, which can be used with their others. You’ll do well to keep moisture away from the DC socket and the buttons. You can wipe the base down with a damp cloth, but keep the soap and water relegated to the body.

A new addition to the accessories is a 10-year quality guarantee. Before, you’d get just a 1-year warranty, which means they’ll replace the toy for free due to any fault or material issues within that 1 year. The 10-year quality guarantee means that after if anything happens after that first year, you can return the product to LELO and they will dispose of it in an environmentally safe way and then offer you 50% off your next LELO purchase. Of course, they must first ascertain that the fault is the manufacture of the toy and not from misuse. All in all I say it’s a damn good deal.

In addition to the charger and 1 & 10-year guarantees, you get your user guide and standard satin bag. This one is dual-lined; white on the inside and black on the outside. For those of you interested, the packaging is a bit different than the usual as you can tell from the top picture and the one below this paragraph. But it’s not a step-down in quality at all.

The Ina requires two hours of charging, but in return she gives you four hours of play (up to 90 days standby). That sounds fair, doesn’t it? The buttons will flash as she’s charging and then become constant when she’s ready for use. The buttons will go red when she’s run out of steam. Once she’s good to go, just apply a bit of water-based lube (never use silicone-based lube with silicone toys) to the body and you’re good to go.

OK, this is the part where the Ina becomes truly awesome. She boasts eight different vibration modes. The vibes are throbby with moments of buzz thrown in and they are the best sort of vibrations I’ve ever come across. I would try to describe the modes, but it’s a difficult thing to do. You’ll just have to trust me when I say they are fantastic.

The purpose of the Ina is to provide the user with g-spot and clitoral stimulation. She’s curved for that very purpose. As I stated earlier, you will most likely need to bend the clit part away from the body a bit to insert it inside. Once you let it go, it nestles against the clit. Now for me, that part is a bit too much on the rigid side. Indeed, the Ina is not a flexible toy. She’s hard and firm and makes her presence known. She’s not meant for thrusting, but rather a rocking or to be tipped up and down for g-spot stimulation. Alas, this is where the Ina fails for me. She does not stimulate my g-spot and I’ve positioned her a few different ways in the hopes of achieving that.

Despite this, she stimulates my clit ridiculously well and her strong vibrations are felt throughout my vagina and even my ass. I have yet to get off with her, but her vibes make for a great warm-up. This is truly the most powerful vibrator from LELO that I have tried, and I’ve had the Liv and still have the Nea and Elise.

There is nothing technically wrong with Ina, she just doesn’t fit my anatomy as well as I had hoped. However, I have no plans to put her away. She’s still a fantastic, quality vibe and I will be using her again and again in the future. Maybe one day I’ll manipulate her just right and she will reward me for my efforts. I don’t want my issue with Ina to put you completely off her, but you should carefully consider her shape and your anatomy before purchasing.

If you’d like your own Ina Dual Action Vibrator, then I suggest you head to to purchase her. Don’t like purple? She also comes in orange. While you’re at there, be sure to check out their fabulous selection of sex toys.

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