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Ohmibod Naughtibod

The wonderful folks at Adam & Eve bestowed upon me the Ohmidbod Naughtibod vibrator for review. It comes with everything you see in the above picture: The vibe itself; two caps, one so you can hook it up to your MP3 player and another for play without the player; split cord for connection to your device and headphones; 4 AAA batteries; and storage bag. It also comes with a handy dandy instruction booklet in a few languages.

The vibrator is 4.5″ inches insertable and a mere 1″ in diameter. The shaft is smooth and curvy and is made of plastic with some sort of velvety coating covering it. It has no smell which is definitely a plus. It’s compatible with all types of lube and clean up is simply with some soapy water. It’s not waterproof, so avoid getting moisture around and in the twist caps.

The MP3 compatible cap is rounded and has a socket to plug the cord in. The provided cord has a plug at the long end that hooks up to the vibrator and then goes up and splits into two plugs–one for your music device and the other for your headphones. If you do not wish to use your music device, then just switch the cap for the one with buttons on it and it becomes a straightforward vibrator. I love that it comes with two sets of AAA batteries so you can play as soon as you get it.

A vibrator that moves with your favorite music is an excellent concept that is not perfectly executed with the Naughtibod. It does indeed vibrate to music but it only really works when you have the sound turned down, which is not great if you like your music on the loud side. Also, the vibrations are weaker as a result. Turning up the volume on your music device transforms the vibrations into the same monotonous buzz you get from all sorts of other vibes. I find that rock ‘n’ roll and harder music work best for this vibe, but of course you find what works for you. The more nuanced the music, the better.

At 1″ in diameter the girth is disappointing for me. Regardless, the vibrations are easily felt and provide some interesting sensations. When used as a regular vibrator, it has three levels of vibration speed and four patterns. There’s a triangle-shaped button for turning it on and running through the speeds and patterns and a circle-shaped button to turn it off. The patterns are decent but I prefer using it with my MP3 player.

I don’t get off with the Naughtibod, but it’s good for warm-up and elevates listening to music to a whole other level. I often listen to music in bed at night so this has become my go-to attachment. It’s a bit too loud to be considered a discreet vibrator, but it’s nowhere near as loud as some other vibes. I’d say it’s medium loud.

It’s a good, quality vibe if you don’t mind the weaker vibrations as it picks up the nuances of your music, and it’s really easy to care for. If the Naughtibod sounds like something you’d like, then I recommend you head over to Adam & Eve to purchase it and to view their collection of fun adult sex toys.

2 Responses to “Ohmibod Naughtibod”

  1. LivingFire says:

    I have a similar vibe – not the Naughtibod but another music-activated mp3 compatible one… and found very similar problems to you; louder music = merged but more powerful vibrations vs quieter music = more defined but considerably dulled vibes.

    I think the concept’s great but needs a little more work. Maybe in the future they’ll get it spot on?

    LF x

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