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Sale update

I’ve got some good news, y’all. I GOT THE JOB!! I start the 19th. So now a car rental is the topmost important thing my family needs. Obviously, I can’t have the job without transportation. While taking the bus is a good idea, there is no bus stop near where I live. I’d have to walk at least a mile to get to the nearest one. With my bad knees and the below freezing temperatures we’ve been having, I’d really rather have a car.

I really hope some of you are considering the sex toys and gift cards I have for sale. I’m sure the thought of buying used sex toys is not the most appealing thing, but remember that these toys can be boiled and bleached to the point where they are really no different than brand new. The only things that cannot be boiled or bleached are the leather straps on the gag. Rest assured that my mouth never touched the straps, and I actually only wore it a couple times.

I’m open to people making their own best offer on my items, but I’ve got to be realistic in regards to the money that I need and the quality of the materials of the toys. I like to think I’m offering great prices on all of these things, but like I said, I’m open to offers. I need a car more than anything else at the moment. My family does need food, but it worse comes to worst we can check out food pantries. Another good thing about having a car is it makes it far easier for my brother to look for a job and attend interviews.

We’ve had to rely on a friend and her mother for transportation, but I’m tired of having to ask my friend to help us out and reschedule things around our needs. If it wasn’t for them we’d have been fucked long ago, in a way that would’ve meant we would have lost our internet connection (among other things), and the blog you see now never would have existed. I’d like to go back to the days where I’d call up my friend and tell her I was coming over to visit her instead of, “Hey, can you come up tomorrow? We need groceries and stuff.” Although I know they are more than happy to help us as we’ve helped them numerous times, I know they can use a break.

Wow. I did not set out to write all of this stuff in this post. It was meant to be just an update, but then my fingers seemed to develop a mind of their own and things just poured out of me. It’s good, though, I needed to get this off my chest. It’s a helluva thing to carry around with you, this knowledge that you’ve got a job, you’re first in years, but there’s the very real possibility that you can’t have it and your family suffers as a result. The job is temporary but it pays nice. Oh, and it’s recession-proof. How many jobs do you know of that can make that claim?

Anyway, I’m going to quit beating y’all over the head with the urgency of my dilemma. Now I want to give a heartfelt thanks to all of you who donated yesterday and who promised donations. It was unexpected and I was bowled over by the response. People were tweeting about it left and right. There were offering their emotional support as well as financial. People I don’t even know all that well or at all donated. At one point I lost it and began sobbing. I’d never been so overwhelmed by the support of a group of people.

There’s a theme that’s been repeated by pretty much everyone that’s donated and that is they feel like they’re not giving enough and wish they could give more. The fact that you have donated any amount is more than I even hoped for. And every bit helps. It adds up. But I know how you feel. I had only $5 to give Amorous Chick for her Blogger Toy Fundraiser. I very much wanted to give more, but I loved knowing that my contribution went to a toy or two for a kid who would otherwise go without. To those of you who cannot contribute financially, don’t worry! The fact that some of you have at least tweeted about my post is a wonderful thing all on its own. My thanks goes to you as well.

Well, that’s all I’ve got to say. Once more here’s the link to the sex toys and gift cards sale. I’m gonna go see about writing about this week’s MfM theme.

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2 Responses to “Sale update”

  1. Congrats on the job!! Yay!

  2. Kristi says:

    Thanks, doll! That was part of your wish for me, wasn’t it? ;-)

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