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Satan’s little brother

There’s a new blog that I wish to pimp. I’ve been following the blogger, Saynine, on Twitter a while and he’s just now decided to put his thoughts and wisdom on the internet for a larger audience. So who is this Saynine person? Well, I think he’s best suited to answer that himself (taken from his “About” page):

I am a 43 year old Male Dominant and Sexual Sadist. I am Happily Married, Polyamorous, and Pansexual.

This is about my journey through sexuality, BDSM, and Polyamory. I do not claim to be an expert on anything and the posts in this blog are my observations and opinions.
Cast of Characters:
Jewelgen: @jewelgen on Twitter and MsJewel on Fetlife. She is my Wife, Partner, Trusted Advisor, Lover, and baby girl. She is a Bi-sexual, Poly Switch.
IceEmpress: @Ice_Empress on Twitter and IceEmpress on Fetlife. She is Jewelgen’s Girl friend, and my property. We both love her dearly. She lives far to far away but is planning to move to Northern California to be with us later in 2010.
ME: I am @Saynine on Twitter Saynine on Fetlife every where else you can think of on the internet but I preffered to be called Poppa or Big Poppa or by my given name. Ask me what it is and I will tell you.

He’s already got two posts up, one dealing with punching in the BDSM sense and the other about the importance of safe calls when meeting people alone for the first time. I’ve enjoyed both posts and I’m looking forward to what he has to say in the future. Oh, there’s a hilarious story behind his moniker. Someone asked him on his formspring where the name came from and this was his reply:

This is a favorite story of mine. I was attending a large Xtian Middle school and I had been mocking our Homeroom/Bible teacher for months.

She had had enough one day and said I was so evil I must be Satan little brother. I asked if that made me Saynine? She tried to perform an in-class exorcism (I could not make this shit up). She never came back the next day or ever. We were told she was on an extended vacation.

Her daughter screamed at me one day that it was because of me that her mother had to go to a mental facility (again i could not make that up).

BTW in case it is still elusive. Satan = Say10. Saynine =Say9. She didn’t get it either. Lol


So, yeah, head over there and read his posts and say hello, if you’re so inclined. There’s no bullshit or pretense with Saynine and you’ll either love his straightforward, honest way of speaking and being or you won’t. If you like what you read, then please spread the word.

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  1. Nice one , do you know a lot about BDSM :) I ll bookmark you right now!

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