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An urge to pack

I want to pack. No, not heat but a cock. It’s a relatively new concept to me, but I’ve long had penis envy so it’s not a surprise that I want one of my own. I would wear it mostly around the house but I also like the idea of wearing it in public. I wonder how it would change the way I walk and if a bulge would be perceptible. I’ve had fantasies of dressing masculine, packing, and then picking up some woman that I would take home (or go to her place) and fuck her senseless. The odds of that happening are slim to none but I still want a cock.

I’ve got a $25 gift card for EdenFantasys and that would cover a Mr. Limpy small, but that seems too limp and I want to be able to have a wank with my cock. And it’s definitely not for fucking. What I really like the look of is the Goodfella, but that would most likely require a harness or packing strap and I can’t afford either one. Also, I figure men’s underwear would work best for packing and I haven’t the money for them, either. Wait, hold on, something came up while I was typing this and I may be able to buy some men’s underwear. But what would be the point without the other things? And I’ve got big fucking hips. Hmmm.

The idea of packing has been itching at me for a while now, but I’m beginning to think it’s a fantasy that’s not going to happen any time soon. Which, you know, is a bummer but what can you do?

2 Responses to “An urge to pack”

  1. Yep, the Mr. Limpy is way to soft to jack off with – it just doesn’t have enough…spine…(for lack of better term) so it kind of flops around.

    The Goodfella is great for wanking. It feels more real than any other dildo I’ve ever felt. But… it’s not great for regular daily-type packing. The Vixskin material is too fragile and can sustain damage at the base from having to keep it tucked up. (At least in my experience.)

    I would still go with the Goodfella for the purposes you are describing. It is a noticeable bulge, but it’s not so difficult to make it a less-noticeable bulge.

    You can get a cheap nylon harness for packing. They work just fine for holding the packy in place and because they aren’t bulky, it’s not so obvious you are wearing a harness. The Latigo Leather harness is great because you can take the leather pad out and feel the dildo against your skin.

    So even if you can’t spend the $$ on it right now, you can make a plan…so to speak. The Goodfella is well worth the investment…because you know… double duty. :)

  2. Kristi says:

    Yeah, I really want the Goodfella. As for the Latigo harness, it’s not quite big enough for my ginormous hips. lol But thanks for the advice. :-)

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