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I’ve been given something to talk about

in regards to sex with M. (Points to whoever figures out which song inspired the title.) He mentioned on Skype Thursday evening that he sometimes had the urge to control me. Unsurprisingly, that sent a zing through me. My eyes involuntarily closed and a warmth spread through my body. We didn’t play that night but I masturbated in bed later with that word urge repeating in my head and the implications behind it. He already dominated me once during sex and it went very well. I had hoped we would do it again but I knew it would be the exception and not the rule.

We were talking on Skype last night and he had his cam on first and then asked if he was going to get to see me. I quickly turned on my cam and we talked a bit more, and soon it had gotten to the point where the unspoken question, “Will we or won’t we fuck?” hung in the air.. Thinking I knew what he wanted but afraid to assume, I played coy. That lasted about two minutes when he suddenly told me that my shirt was coming off now. There was an immediate intake of breath, my head instinctively bowed, the zing sung through my body, and my voice breathed out a small, quiet, “Yes, Sir.”

The shirt came off and I asked if he wanted the bra off, too, by thumbing the straps off my shoulders. He gave a nod and the bra was gone. Having needed to remove my headset first, I now placed it back on my head and began rubbing and massaging my tits for him. He moaned his approval and spoke of his desire to fuck my tits. And then more orders came. I was to stand up, turn around and bare my ass to him. I obeyed instantly and he ordered me to smack my ass about 5 or 6 times. I complied with a “Yes, Sir” following each order. When he commanded that I stop, I remained in place awaiting his next order.

This time my panties and jeans came off completely and I was made to sit in my chair and spread my legs. The chair isn’t really suited for a girl of my size to play in, but I made do despite my embarrassment. I lowered the cam so he could view my bottom half and he had me stroke my clit, check how wet I was, and then lick my finger clean. I did these things without hesitation but my eyes were closed and I never once looked at his cam. Yes, I was still embarrassed and perhaps even a bit humiliated, but I loved having him control me like that.

Soon he told me I was to fuck myself. In spite of my submissive state, I was able to ask him to let me do the deed on my bed. Like I said, my chair is not meant for play. I was very thankful he was agreeable. There was a moment when the D/s was lost when I asked him if he wanted to watch me and he answered that the decision was whatever I wanted. I said something like, “Well, isn’t more about what you want?” He said he would be mostly listening, so I quickly decided I didn’t want to mess with repositioning the cam (it’s usually a pain in the ass).

What was lost was regained as he resumed ordering my movements. He painted a picture of him fucking my ass and it ramped up my excitement. He knows how to pace his words and which ones to emphasize and drag out. I got close to coming and he made me hold off. I always whimper when I’m made to wait but I love it. Once I was back from the edge, he ordered me to fuck myself hard and fast. My noises spurred him on to his own orgasm. When he said he was going to come I asked if I could come with him. His agreement came fast and so did our orgasms. It was hot, it was good, and I really enjoy it when he dominates me.

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